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200 Multiple Choice Questions on National Economy in Global Context - Printable Tests
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200 Multiple Choice Questions on National Economy in Global Context - Printable Tests

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200 Multiple Choice Questions on National Economy in Global Context - Printable Tests
 This resource consists of 200 multiple choice questions to test students' knowledge and understanding of the subject content required to be covered for AQA AS Economics on The National Economy in a Global Context. 

The resource consists of 10 sets of printable test papers, each containing 20 multiple choice questions - for teachers to issue to students as formal tests to complete in class, in a set time limit.  The 240 questions are also available as Interactive PowerPoint questions - for use on a computer (and intranet) for students to complete in their own time, or during class as a group exercise.  These two sets of resources can be purchased together at a slightly discounted price.

The AQA AS Economics examination for Paper 2 includes 20 multiple choice questions.  This represents almost 30% (28.6%) of the total 70 marks available for this particular paper.  Practice multiple choice questions should, therefore, form part of every AQA AS Economics student's revision programme.

The resource contains 2 tests of 20 questions on each of the 4 subject content areas listed in the specification on the National Economy in a Global Context, ie 2 tests of 20 questions on:

1.     The measurement of macroeconomic performance

2.     How the macroeconomy works: the circular flow of income, AD/AS analysis, and related concepts

3.     Economic performance

4.     Macroeconomic policy

It also contains 2 ‘end of section’ tests that can form part of a mock examination for AS Paper 2. 

These 'end of section' papers reflect the sample assessment material produced by AQA for AS Paper 2, with the majority of the multiple choice questions assessing students' knowledge and understanding, but a significant proportion of questions also testing their ability to apply their knowledge and understanding to various economic contexts to show how economic agents are affected by and respond to economic issues. 

The resource, therefore, enables students to be tested at the end of each subject content area covered in class, as well as at the very end of their study of The National Economy in a Global Context.

Questions are included on every sub-topic area listed in the specification, and explanations are provided for every question posed - further helping to consolidate students' knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Feedback received on our previous Interactive AND Printable multiple choice questions for AQA AS Economics:  

"I have found the MC questions of great use to put on our VLE as the students get such good feedback if they are wrong.  It is a great way to test their knowledge as well as revising as they go".  Campbell Smith, Caterham School.

This resource is licensed for staff and up to 60 students to use, in any given year, attending the purchasing institution, ie the individual school / college. 

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Available NOW (Published November 2016)

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