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APT Initiatives Ltd - Terms and Conditions of Trading


1.       Postage & packaging is included in all prices shown.  NB If products are ordered via email but the School / College server will not accept the email / rejects the email and items ordered have to be distributed on CD, the relevant CD price will be charged.


2.      Unless stated otherwise, VAT at 20% is applicable on all APT Initiatives Ltd’s products and services, with the exception of books.  Prices are first shown exclusive of VAT as many Centres are able to claim back VAT charged on inputs.  Our VAT registration no. is 815 7506 26.


3.      Orders can be made on-line but also by email (orders@apt-initiatives.com), fax (01952 541230) or post: Millstone Lodge, Eaton Upon Tern, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 2BX.  Telephone orders may be accepted at the discretion of an authorised official of APT Initiatives Ltd.  It is advisable, however, for orders not placed on-line, to be sent / confirmed in writing by fax, post or email.


4.       Orders should be checked upon receipt and any errors, shortages or defects referred back to APT Initiatives Ltd within 48 hours of receipt.  In the case of pre-orders for goods not yet published (eg analyses of pre-released case studies, resources for new specifications), APT should be notified within 7 days of the publication date of these resources in the event of non-arrival.  


5.       Payment for all products and services should be made in advance (excepting clause 6 below) via the website or by BACS or by cheque made payable to ‘APT Initiatives Ltd’ and posted to Millstone Lodge, Eaton Upon Tern, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 2BX.  Receipts for payments made in advance will be sent direct to the purchasing institution’s accounts / finance department and, in the case of individuals, direct to the delivery address (unless otherwise requested).


6.       Where payment is not made on-line / in advance an official purchase order number must be provided (unless otherwise agreed with an authorised official of APT Initiatives Ltd).  In which case an invoice will be sent direct to the purchasing institution’s accounts / finance department and, in the case of individuals, direct to the delivery address (unless otherwise requested).


7.      All orders for products will be despatched within 7 days of receiving the order (unless otherwise stated).  NB This does not apply to analyses of pre-released case studies / stimulus material / context for which orders are usually placed in advance of the case studies / stimulus material / contexts actually being published and / or sent to Centres by the examination board.  Target despatch date for such products is published on our website and is usually within 4-8 weeks of the release date given by the examination board (ie for the case studies / stimulus material / context to be distributed to, and seen by students).


8.       Products are not supplied on an ‘inspection first’ basis.  To help potential customers make appropriate purchasing decisions detailed information including accurate sample material is available on our website (www.apt-initiatives.com), or upon request via telephone (01952 540877), fax (01952 541230) or email (support@apt-initiatives.com).  Consequently, once an order has been processed it cannot be cancelled.  NB Other terms and conditions apply to the cancellation of staff and student conferences, courses and seminars.  With regard to these, unless otherwise stated, APT deserves the right to apply the following cancellation charges and to reallocate any places:


Cancellation occurring                                                Cancellation charge________

4 weeks or more prior to the event                            10% of total cost (plus VAT)

More than 2 weeks but less than 4 weeks prior         50% of total cost (plus VAT)

Less than 2 weeks prior to the event                         100% of total cost (plus VAT)


9.       All invoices should be settled within 30 days unless otherwise stated - for example - in the case of late bookings for courses, payment should be settled in full before the event is due to take place.


10.    For any invoices not settled within 90 days of the good(s) / service(s) being despatched / delivered, interest will be calculated and charged daily at the Bank of England’s base rate plus 8 per cent.


11.    To avoid incorrect orders and subsequent demands for payment, customers are advised to carefully check through orders before submitting them. 


APT Initiatives Ltd’s main aim is to help minimise teachers’ workloads and support them in their aim of maximising students’ performance.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness of all APT Initiatives Ltd published material and advice given, it should be recognised that, in several instances, individual exam board published specifications are vague and unspecific.  Furthermore, with regard to the analyses of pre-released case studies / stimulus material / contexts, it should be recognised that it is impossible to predict the future, and thus, to provide an absolute guarantee that everything is included and in the format required by the question paper.  Consequently, APT Initiatives Ltd wishes to emphasise that all published material and advice given represents APT Initiatives Ltd’s interpretation of the subject matter and skills required to meet particular specification criteria and that when using APT resources, teachers retain full responsibility for checking specification requirements and the final delivery of subject matter to students.  In this context, APT is always available to discuss any of its published material and / or advice given through its courses, seminars and conferences for staff and students, should the teacher (or student) wish to discuss APT’s Interpretation.
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