More useful tips on how to tackle the fifth bullet point in the AQA Research brief on: The factors influencing if, why and how businesses respond to the growth in e-commerce.
The Relevance and Significance of Factors
Since the mid to late 1990’s there have been numerous studies (surveys, interviews and case studies) on the adoption and use of e-commerce technologies, often focusing on small and medium enterprises (SME’s).  The majority of these have examined variables that either act as:

  • barriers or constraints ie factors which inhibit adoption and use; or act as
  • drivers or incentives ie factors which promote adoption and use.

A paper on this topic, written by Scott A. Wymer and Elizabeth A Regan, published in 2005 in Electronic Markets – The International Journal on Networked Businesses (, examined all the literature published at this time, and came up with a consolidated list of a set of 25 ‘neutral’ factors (if we exclude the ‘other’ category which they included in subsequent primary research on the topic), which they classified into 4 categories.  This classification can be found on the fourth page of a key document relating to this research which can be accessed from here:
This is a useful starting point for student’s research into this aspect of the theme.  However, this is an extensive list of factors and it is important to highlight the following up-front:

  • Not every factor will be relevant to all businesses due to the different circumstances that they may face.
  • Some factors, whilst relevant, will be more important to some businesses than others.
  • In some cases, what may be a barrier or constraint to the adoption of e-commerce may be an incentive or ‘driver’ in others.

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