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Current Upper Sixth: Unit 3 (BUSS3) 

In addition to our resource for the BUSS4 Research Theme (E-commerce), we also have resources for Unit 3 (BUSS3), which are also useful for the new specifications. 
We are currently offering our ‘Entire’ BizKit for Unit 3 (BUSS3) at a saving of £100Also available for Unit 1 (BUSS1) and Unit 2 (BUSS2) for any re-sits. 
Our Entire BizKit which is also useful for the new specifications, has everything you need to reduce your workload and increase grades.  It includes: 

  • Topic Tasters
  • Elementary Explanations
  • Punchy PowerPoints
  • Simplified Summaries
  • Whizzy Quizzes
  • Qualified Questions

Click here to see more details or here to see a ‘sample’ BizKit.
The Entire BizKit (includes ALL the resources below for BUSS3) can currently be purchased at £215 +VAT, a saving of £100.  The individual components can also be purchased separately. 
Links to Individual BizKit Components: 
Topic Tasters Start lessons off with a ‘spark’ and grab students’ interest with these stimulating ways to introduce new topics. 
Elementary Explanations In-depth, precise information on the essential theory required by the Unit specifications.  Sufficiently detailed to enable students to grasp key terms / concepts without teacher assistance – ideal for independent learning 
Punchy PowerPoints Cut down your workload and keep students’ focused with these concise, animated, user-friendly PowerPoints. 
Simplified Summaries Consolidate learning and simplify revision with these condensed versions of our Elementary Explanations. (Pocketbook versions for individual students to purchase also available – see below). 
Whizzy Quizzes A great range of mini quizzes / exercises for every topic and sub-topic listed in the Unit specifications – simplifying assessment and making learning fun. 
Qualified Questions Test students’ knowledge in more formal exam conditions with these practice examination papers, mark schemes and detailed model answers. 

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Handy Revision Pocketbooks can also be purchased by Individual Students:
Essential Revision Pocketbook: This contains definitions of key terms, concise coverage of relevant business studies theory and concepts and essential advice on how to maximise performance in the exam, including: an explanation of the skills examiners look for and how to demonstrate these, key words and phrases to build higher level answers, command words and appropriate responses, and top tips to maximise performance.  Price: £6 + £2.50 P&P.  Reduced postage costs on multiple purchases.
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  • by phone with a school order number to 01952 540877
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