Changes Made by OCR to VGL’s Dividends & Retained Profit Figure for 2015
On 1 January 2016: OCR stated (on the following link: that: ‘Appendix 2 has incorrect transposed figures shown in the column for 2015 under both Dividends and Retained Profit.  Dividends for 2015 should read 3.8 (£m) and Retained Profit should read 1.0 (£m)’.
Make sure you are using the correct case study and the correct APT Analysis.  This is a link to the updated OCR F297 case study:
The changes OCR made to the dividends and retained profit figure affected our original APT Analysis (published in December): page 6 on stakeholders and corresponding bullet point 7 (under ‘Strengths’) on page 57 of the APT Analysis.  These pages were updated accordingly and your copy of the analysis should clearly state that these pages were updated.