APT’s Student Seminars – held at your School/College

on OCR F297 Case Study and F293 Marketing


We are now taking bookings for our student seminars on OCR F297 Business Case Study, which are becoming increasingly popular, and also our seminar on unit F293 Marketing. 
These seminars are personally delivered by Claire Bakeran experienced examiner, who writes the F297 analyses and the F293 material and is the founder and Director of APT Initiatives.  The seminars will run from the 11th April up until the exam date. 
If you are interested in holding a seminar at your Centre, call us to obtain a quote on 01952 540877 or email us with a summary of your requirements including:

  • subject (ie F297 and / or F293)
  • length of seminar required (eg 2, 3 or 4 hours)
  • number of students involved
  • and if two or more seminars are required whether they are to be held on the same day.

These seminars provide an in-depth insight into what examiners are looking for and how to demonstrate this in the time available.  The ultimate aim is to help each student to achieve their maximum grade. 

“Claire came in to run sessions for our AS and A2 students on the case study units for OCR.  The sessions were spot on in terms of targeting exactly what the students need to know to do well in the exam.  All learners made a great deal of progress at all levels and the students left enthused and better equipped for the exams.  I would heartily recommend APT”. (Yavneh College – April 2015)

“I was lucky enough to meet Mrs Claire Baker the CEO of APT and sit in her F297 masterclasses, students were given lots of resources to take away!  Mrs Baker knows these case studies like the back of her hand and the lectures were well placed, informative and bursting with content.  We also bought the very comprehensive APT walkthrough guide for every student – they have found this useful in class discussions and it has saved our business department hundreds of hours of preparation”.  (S Hilton, Revision Station) 

Each F297 seminar covers the following: 

  • The structure and general requirements of the F297 paper, with emphasis on the importance of time management and planning questions carrying high marks.
  • The skills the examiner is looking for and how to demonstrate these skills.
  • How to move L2 (application) answers into L3 (analysis) and how easy it is in just a few sentences to hit L3.
  • The importance of concluding every question (carrying L4 marks) and what is required in a conclusion to secure these vital marks for evaluation.
  • Common mistakes to avoid when answering questions.
  • Model (Level 4) answers, to specific questions.
  • Top Tips on how to maximise performance

The F293 Marketing seminar will include: 

  • Outline structure of the F293 paper and type of questions asked.
  • Comprehensive list of the 4 mark, 6 mark, 13 mark and 18 mark questions asked in past papers.
  • Explanation of the skills examiner look for and how to demonstrate these.
  •  Overview of typical weaknesses to address.
  •  A range of calculation question activities.
  • Activities on each of the following:
    • how to answer in context.
    • The 6 mark analysis questions.
    • The 13 mark evaluate / discuss / recommend and justify question.
    • The 18 mark should…justify question.
  •  Key words and phrases to encourage higher level answers.
  • Final tips on Examination Technique / How to Maximise Performance.

Prices vary according to content, length, number of students involved, and travel distance.  Some Centres are able to pay for the seminar on behalf of the students; others divide the cost amongst the number of students involved.  If you only have a small number of students it may be worth you contacting a local school/college to see if they wish to share.
Request a Quote: to office@apt-initiatives.com