Click HERE for the ANSWERS to the Student Revision Exercises posted yesterday.  
The exercises relate to bullet 1 of the research theme – The Impact of E-commerce on the Competitive Environment within Industries.  This is a very small ‘extract’ from the APT Complete Companion for the AQA BUSS4 Research Theme Technological Change E-commerce. 
The full comprehensive set of Student Revision Exercises covering all 6 bullets points contains a set of 57 pages of informal revision exercises / tests with a separate document containing all the answers on each aspect relating to the theme – helping to test and consolidate knowledge and make revision funIt includes ‘give me a clue’, ‘match-making’, ‘mini quizzes’, ‘missing word’, ‘opposites’, ‘read the article’, ‘sort the list’, ‘true or false’ and multi-activity exercises. 
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