OCR GCSE Business A293 Case Study is on Bowton Mountain Festival 2017 (BMF Ltd) click HERE to the case study now released by OCR.

APT’s highly acclaimed Revision buddy, is being produced much earlier this year, it can be pre-ordered now and will be ready for despatch in November. Click HERE for full details of this resource and additional MOCK Papers.
Our Complete Revision Buddy is being recognised by more and more teachers (see feedback below) to be the only resource you and your students need to do well in this exam, with explanations of all key terms, concepts and issues raised, mini quizzes, a formal mock exam, mark schemes and model answers, as well as top tips on how to maximise performance.

 “The resources developed for last year’s case study were absolutely outstanding.  I call this my ‘Bible’.  Your resources are in a different league with the case analysis.  It’s worth every penny! A fantastic tool that fully supportsteaching and learning and student progression in great depth and detail!  Greatly appreciated! Your work is amazing!”
Laura Pickford, Heworth Grange School, January 2016.

The revision buddy contains:

  • a step-by-step explanation of the key terms, concepts and issues raised (directly or indirectly) in the Case Study.  These are discussed in the order in which they appear in the Case Study.
  • a wide range of mini quizzes, (including answers) – to check and consolidate students’ understanding of the above, and to help make revision fun.  This includes word searches, missing word exercises, classification and opposite activities, crosswords, and short question and answer exercises.
  • a mock examination paper – to enable students to be tested in more formal examination conditions.
  • mark schemes and a highly comprehensive range of responses to each question posed in the mock examination paper.
  • a list of useful web addresses – providing access to information and videos on topics raised in the Case Study – for students to carry out further research independently.
  • tips on how to maximise performance in the exam.

Licensed for unlimited use in the purchasing institution.
Available to PRE-ORDER (Expected Publication date November 2016)
If you would like us to INVOICE your school / college, email your order to sales@apt-initiatives.com