Edexcel’s GCE A Level Business Paper 3 Pre-released 2017 Context is on the ‘Health and Fitness Industry’

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Edexcel have uploaded their GCE A Level Business Paper 3 Pre-Released 2017 CONTEXT today, and can be accessed here.  APT are experts in producing resources for pre-released contexts, themes and case studies – we have been doing this for 17 years and we will be producing a Complete Context Companion for use with Edexcel’s A Level Pre-released 2017 Context.  APT will start working on our Complete Context Companion today (we expected the Context to have been out earlier) and plan to have it ready by the end of January. 
Our COMPLETE CONTEXT COMPANION can be pre-ordered now.  It will include 5 separate resources that can be purchased individually, or together at a discounted price: 

  • PowerPoint presentations for teachers – to launch the context to students and to introduce and / or summarise each aspect.
  • Step by step research tasks for students with links to relevant articles – to encourage students to undertake in-depth, independent research on each aspect, with links to relevant articles, and points to consider.
  • Detailed investigation into the context for teachers – with relevant theory, data and business examples, and analytical and evaluative comment.  This includes extracts from numerous articles so there is no having to click on ‘this link here’ and ‘that link there’ to access relevant research / data.
  • Essential revision summaries for students – with relevant theory / concepts, data, business examples, and evaluative comments on each aspect.
  • Mock exam paper, mark schemes and example model answers – in the same style and format as the sample assessment material produced by Edexcel for the Paper 3 context examination.  

Feedback received on resources APT has published to date for use with Pre-Released Contexts, Case Studies and Themes: 

“The materials you provided were excellent and suited every level of teaching.  I only wish that I had ordered earlier in the year ”
Gareth Moran, Rye St Antony School 

Absolutely outstanding.  I call this my ‘Bible’.  Your resources are in a different league.  It’s worth every penny! A fantastic tool that fully supports teaching and

learning and student progression in great depth and detail!  Greatly appreciated! Your work is amazing!”
Laura Pickford, Heworth Grange School 

“Your resource is outstanding and becomes the sole resource in my class from February to all the way to the exam day.”
Jillur Rahman, Woodbridge High School 

Excellent materials. All the students came out with a smile on their face and commented everything on the analysis came out”.

Ruth Daniel, Tower Hamlets College

“It is the most comprehensive pack I think we have ever received. 


“Pleased with the level of detail, insight and depth. They have become an invaluable part of our preparation.”

Andrew Livingstone, Heart of England School 

Fantastic results using your material.  My  business student went from a predicted Grade E to a B on her  paper and was just short of an A.” 
Jane Wood, Tutor 

“Your resources are proving invaluable and so much more useful than other providers that I buy from.”
Ian Chapman, Queen Anne’s School 

Pre-order NOW  – to be published January 2017

Price: £85 + VAT for email or download (+ £2.50 for CD) for unlimited use at your school or college. 

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