To secure Level 4 answers in the Edexcel AL Business Paper 3 exam, students need to demonstrate the following: 

  1. Accurate and thorough knowledge and understanding, supported throughout by relevant and effective use of the business behaviour / context.
  2. Well-developed and logical, coherent chains of reasoning, showing a range of cause(s) and / or effect(s).  Fully developed arguments.
  3. Quantitative and / or qualitative information used well to support judgements.  A full awareness of the validity and significance of competing arguments / factors, leading to balanced comparisons, judgements and an effective conclusion that proposes a solution and / or recommendations.

(Source: Edexcel’s sample assessment material for A Level Business Paper 3)


  1. The more students are familiar with this year’s context on the Health and Fitness Industry, the more they will be able to support their answers with relevant and effective use of contextual examples in the Paper 3 exam.
  2. The more students are provided with material that enables them to discuss, consolidate and strengthen arguments on issues relating to the context, the more they are likely to present fully developed arguments (in context) in the Paper 3 exam.
  3. The more students are encouraged to make use of quantitative and not just qualitative information to support judgements on issues relating to the context, the more they are likely to use quantitative information to support judgements in the Paper 3 exam.  With regard to this particular point, Edexcel’s sample assessment material makes it clear that students cannot secure Level 3 or 4 marks if they do not demonstrate quantitative skills to support judgements made.

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