Get ready for the new Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business Specification starting this September with APT’s Topic & End of Theme Test Papers + Printable & Interactive Multiple Choice Questions

By September 2017 APT will have published the following 2 resources for Theme 1: Investigating Small Business, which can be PRE-ORDERED NOW

7 Topic and ‘End of Theme’ Test Papers for £54 (+vat):

This resource allows you to start testing and developing students’ knowledge and exam skills, either as homework, or in more formal exam conditions, within just 4 weeks of starting the course, and at regular intervals thereafter.  The questions have been written in the style of the sample assessment material produced by Edexcel for ‘Section A’ of the Paper 1 Examination.   In detail the resource contains:                                       

  • 98 ‘Section A’ style Paper 1 Exam questions testing core knowledge and understanding of Theme 1
  • 1 and 2-mark ‘multiple choice’, 3-mark ‘explain’ and 6-mark ‘discuss’ questions
  • Tests on each of the 5 topics and sub-topics relating to Theme 1
  • 42 A4 photocopiable / printable sheets
  • 7 sets (6 pages) of 30-35 minute tests, with each test containing 14 questions worth 35 marks
  • 1 test on each of the 5 Topic areas – testing students at regular intervals throughout their first year
  • 2 ‘End of Theme’ tests on any aspect of Theme 1 – ideal for use as ‘End of Year’ test papers
  • A highly comprehensive range of possible responses / answers.

The question papers could also be used as worksheets – with students researching topics / sub-topics independently to find answers to the questions posed. 
The answers section could also be used to support the teaching of each topic – due to the highly comprehensive range of responses provided.

A bank of 100 Multiple Choice Questions from £35 (+vat):

This highly extensive question bank provides a comprehensive, thorough means of assessing students’ core knowledge and understanding of Theme 1, AFTER students have completed their study of the Theme.  In detail it consists of: 

  • 10 sets of 10 multiple choice questions that can easily be tested, marked and discussed in class, or completed by students independently, with each set of 10 questions testing knowledge and understanding of any aspect of Theme 1
  • 1 and 2-mark questions (in line with Edexcel’s sample assessment material)
  • Questions on every topic and sub-topic listed in the Theme 1 specification
  • Explanations for every question posed – to consolidate knowledge and understanding.

The resource can be supplied as: 

  • Printable test papers – for teachers to issue to students as formal tests to complete in class, in a set time (for £35 +vat)
  • Interactive PowerPoint questions – for use on a computer (and intranet) – for students to complete in their own time, or during class as a group exercise (for £45 +vat)
  • Printable test papers AND Interactive PowerPoint questions (for £75 +vat).  

By 24 April 2018 APT will have published the above two resources for Theme 2: Building a Business. These can also be PRE-ORDERED NOW.  (We will also be bringing out full mock exam papers for use from December 2018) 

Click HERE to the sample material, which includes a sample from the Topic and End of Theme Tests and the Bank of Multiple Choice Questions from Theme 1 – Investigating Small Business.
Both sets of resources – for Theme 1 AND Theme 2 – can be pre-ordered TODAY, details below:  together at a discounted price – refer to the order details below. 
Topic and End of Theme Test Papers for Theme 1 Investigating Small Business – £54 (+VAT)
100 Multiple Choice Questions for Theme 1 Investigating Small Business – Printable Tests – £35 (+VAT)
Theme 1Interactive PowerPoints – £45 (+VAT)
Theme 1Printable AND Interactive – £75 (+VAT) 
Theme 2 – £54 (+VAT)
Theme 2Printable Tests – £35 (+VAT)
Theme 2Interactive PowerPoints – £45 (+VAT)
Theme 2Printable AND Interactive – £75 (+VAT) 
Topic and End of Theme Test Papers – Covering the Entire Specification (Themes 1 & 2) – £99 (+VAT)
200 Multiple Choice Questions – Covering the Entire SpecificationPrintable Tests – £65 (+VAT)
200 Multiple Choice Questions – Covering the Entire SpecificationInteractive Tests – £85 (+VAT)
200 Multiple Choice Questions – Covering the Entire SpecificationPrintable & Interactive Tests – £135 (+VAT) 
Resources can be ordered and paid for online and instantly downloaded or emailed upon publication, or sent on CD at an additional P&P charge of £2.50.  We can also supply the resource and subsequently invoice your school/college. 
All APT resources are licensed for staff and up to 60 students to use, in any given year, attending the purchasing institution, ie the individual school / college.
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