APT are producing sets of 4 Mock Exam Papers for OCR A Level Economics for Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3.

  • These papers have been written by a senior examiner for multiple examination boards and experienced teacher of AS and A Level Economics and are ideal for mock examinations.
  • The style and format of each paper is based on the sample assessment material produced by OCR for A Level Economics.
  • The questions included in each paper ensure students gain exam practice across OCR’s A Level assessment objectives and marks are weighted according to OCR’s requirements at A Level.
  • For questions carrying high marks, detailed example model answers are provided in paragraph form, rather than a list of relevant points anticipated to be raised in the answer.

Feedback received on APT’s Mock Exam Papers for A Level Economics:

“I was very impressed… I use a competitor’s, but yours is on another level.” Elena Themistocieous 

All papers can be PRE-ORDERED NOW by clicking on the following links to APT’s website and paying online, or by sending your order via email, phone, fax or post (see further details below) and APT invoicing your school / college once the resources have been despatched: 
OCR AL Paper 1: 4 Mock Exam Papers, Mark Schemes & Answers on Microeconomics £65 to be published Dec 2017
OCR AL Paper 2: 4 Mock Exam Papers, Mark Schemes & Answers on Macroeconomics £65 to be published Jan 2018
OCR AL Paper 3: 4 Mock Exam Papers, Mark Schemes & Answers on Themes in Economics £75 to be published  Feb 2018