A set of Two A293 Mock Examination Papers, Mark Schemes and Detailed Answers now available to purchase enabling students to be tested formally in exam conditions.
These Two Additional Mock Examination Papers complement our Complete Teacher’s Companion / Student Revision Buddy for use with the OCR A293 2018 Case Study – which includes one mock exam paper (different to these two additional mock papers), amongst a wide range of other resources, which develop and test students’ knowledge and understanding of the key terms, concepts and issues raised in the A293 case study.
The style and format of each paper is based on previous examinations set by OCR for the A293 Case Study Paper.  The question papers contain appropriate spacing for students to write their answers.  The mark schemes and answers provide a wide range of responses to the questions posed.
For questions marked using a ‘levels of response’ mark scheme, detailed example model answers are provided in paragraph form, and answers annotated to show where the levels have been met (ie Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3).
Feedback on APT’s A293 Resource:

Excellent resource!  I have seen a few resources available, this is clearly the most comprehensive whilst also offering shorter activities and quizzes to reinforce knowledge.”  Andrew Dickens, The Albany School. 

Absolutely outstanding.  I call this my ‘Bible’.  Your resources are in a different league.  Worth every penny.  A fantastic tool that fully supports teaching and learning and student progression in great depth and detail. Greatly appreciated. Amazing!  Laura Pickford, Heworth Grange. 

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Price: £25+VAT for email or download (+ £2.50 for CD) for unlimited use at your school or college.
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