APT’s Two Additional Mock Exam Papers (for £25 +VAT) written to rigorously test and help prepare students for this year’s OCR GCSE A293 Business Studies Exam. 

  • The style and format of each paper is based on previous examinations set by OCR for the A293 Case Study Paper.
  • The question papers contain appropriate spacing for students to write their answers.
  • The mark schemes and answers provide a wide range of responses to the questions posed.
  • For questions marked using a ‘levels of response’ mark scheme, detailed example model answers are provided in paragraph form, and answers are annotated to show where the levels have been met (ie Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3).

APT’s 125 Short Exam Questions (& Answers) (already included in the Teacher’s Companion / Complete Student Revision Buddy), are now available to purchase separately at just £10 +VAT.
Click here to access a comprehensive set of sample material from last year’s Companion / Revision Buddy.