If you are currently teaching Edexcel A Level Business, we would highly value your opinion on what resources would best suit you and your students’ needs for this year’s Edexcel A Level Business Paper 3 Context Exam.

Again, we will be providing resources for the June 2019 exam and are currently considering two options Option A OR Option B below:

  • Option A: A highly comprehensive bank of exam-style questions based on a wide range of stimulus material relating to each aspect the context, with detailed mark schemes / answers to each question posed.  Estimated Price: £75 (+vat)
  • Option B: The Complete Context Companion that we have produced over the last 2 years (currently showing on our website), containing: PowerPoint presentations (for teachers), step by step research tasks (for students), detailed investigation into the context (for teachers), essential revision summaries (for students), mock exam paper (for students) and mark scheme with detailed answers (for teachers).  Price: £89 (+vat).

Please email us  or contact us via our website whether you would prefer Option A or Option B and if this option was produced whether or not you would purchase your chosen resource option for this June’s 2019 exam.  As soon as we have collated all responses we will let you know what resources we will provide.