We are currently looking at producing a set of: 

  1. Quantitative Skill / Calculation Questions and
  2. Topic and End of Theme Contextual Questions 

they are likely to be in the following format:

  • Individual hard copy A4 booklets for each of your students each year – to fill in for homework or in class after covering the relevant topic
  • A digital version that you print off or copy for each of your students each year (to fill in for homework or in class after covering the relevant topic)

The set of Quantitative Skill / Calculation Questions would consist of activities that provide students with plenty of practice in undertaking calculations relevant to your specific GCSE Specification (in the context of given businesses).  For example, for Edexcel GCSE Business, calculation questions would be included on the following specification topics / sub-topics:

  • Percentages and percentage changes
  • Averages
  • Total revenue
  • Fixed, variable and total costs
  • Profit and loss
  • The total amount of interest as the percentage of total repayment for a mortgage or loan
  • Break even level of output (from formula and diagram)
  • Margin of safety (from formula and diagram)
  • Cash flow forecasts components: Cash inflows, cash outflows, net cash flow, and opening and closing balances
  • Gross profit and net profit
  • Gross profit margin and net profit margin
  • Average rate of return (ARR)
  • Exchange rates
  • Market / Marketing data eg market share, average incomes
  • Bar gate stock graphs eg re-order quantity
  • Productivity eg output per worker
  • Financial methods of motivation eg commission earned

The resource will not only include questions that test students ability to undertake relevant calculations, but also questions that require students to interpret and use quantitative data in business contexts to support, inform and justify business decisions.

The set of Topic and End of Theme Contextual Questions would include questions on every specification topic, and require students to apply their knowledge and understanding of the topic to a given business context.

Please let us know if you would be interested in these new resources and in what format, and / or ANY OTHER resources you would find useful to support you and your students next academic year.