APT’s Complete Context Companion is now fully published and has been dispatched to all schools/colleges that have ordered.

Exam Practice Worksheets & Practice (Mock) Exam Paper (Part 4 & 5) Published 13th February 2020.

After studying each (bulleted) area students are advised to research in this year’s Edexcel’s Pre-release Material:

  1. PART 4 (a and b): EXAM PRACTICE WORKSHEETS containing stimulus material relating to 20 different businesses relevant to the context, and a wide range of questions (44 questions), with space for students to write down their answers, and comprehensive answers to the questions posed.  The questions largely consist of 8, 10, 12 and 20 mark questions, but also include some 2, 3 and 4-mark short-answer / calculation questions.  Questions cover a wide range of specification topics across all four themes.
  2. PART 5 (a and b): A FULL PRACTICE (MOCK) EXAM PAPER – based on the structure, style and format of recent examinations set by Edexcel (at the time of writing) for the A Level Business Paper 3 exam, with space for students to write down their answers, including mark schemes / detailed answers to the questions posed. Questions are included that touch upon all four themes.

These two sets of resources (published 13 February 2020) help to build students’ confidence in answering questions relating to the context and, in particular, develop their understanding and appreciation of the type of answers required and the skills they need to demonstrate to secure high grades.  Although the stimulus material is based on the 2020 Paper 3 context, these resources provide highly useful revision and relevant exam practice for Paper 1 and Paper 2, for this year’s exams and beyond.


APT’s Complete Context Companion includes the following 7 components:

  • PART 1 An Introductory PowerPoint Presentation– to introduce the requirements of the Edexcel A Level Business Paper 3 exam, including lessons learnt from previous examinations, and key aspects relating to the context that students are advised to research in Edexcel’s Pre-release Material – published: Thursday 19th December 
  • PART 2 Revision and Research Leads Booklet– providing links to relevant research that can be accessed freely on the Internet, for students to independently undertake prior research into the 2020 context, as well as identifying topics in the Edexcel A Level Specification that are considered particularly relevant to this context.
  • PART 3 Information Sheets relating to the bullet points students are advised to research in Edexcel’s ‘Pre-release Material’– to provide relevant research that can be drawn upon in the exam to help write balanced arguments, which is crucial to secure high marks – published: Thursday 27th January
  • PART 4a EXAM PRACTICE WORKSHEETS with STIMULUS MATERIALand a Range of EXAM-STYLE QUESTIONS – relevant to the context – to provide students with plenty of practice in using evidence provided in stimulus material (as well as their own research findings) to write balanced arguments with logical chains of reasoning to exam-style questions – as they progress through their research of the theme and not just at the end.
  • PART 4b Comprehensive Answers to the above Worksheets.
  • PART 5a A Full Practice (Mock) Exam Paper – written in the same style and format as previous examinations set by Edexcel for the A Level Business Paper 3 exam, with space for students to write down their answers .
  • PART 5b Detailed Mark Scheme / Exemplar Answersto the practice (mock) exam paper – published: Thursday 13th February

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