Digital e-Learning Companions, Topic & End of Theme Test Papers + MCQs for Edexcel GCSE Business

for THEME 1 Investigating Small Business and for THEME 2 Building a Business

APT’s Digital e-Learning Companions are ideal for independent learning – enabling students to independently develop strong subject knowledge of all the topics and sub-topics listed in the Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Specification, and our Topic and End of Theme Test Papers enable students’ progress to be tested regularly – at the end of each topic studied in each e-Learning Companion. Both sets of resources have been written by a highly experienced, trusted author and entrepreneur – with 24 years’ experience in business education, including teaching, examining, writing and revising. Further detail, including prices…

Digital e-Learning Companions: 

These 2 companions (one for Theme 1 and one for Theme 2): 

Develop strong subject knowledge – Precise, easy to understand explanations on every topic and sub-topic listed in the specification (260+ pages: 130+ Theme 1, 130+ Theme 2).

Cement subject knowledge and Support students in mastering each topic – through a highly comprehensive range of end of topic questions.

Complete and thorough coverage of all examinable subject content – Explanations (and questions) closely follow the detail of the specification as well as including additional content referenced in Edexcel’s Content Guidance, Scheme of Work, and Sample Assessment Material (published at the time of writing).

Eliminate the expense of investing in textbooks – Licensed for use by staff and students attending the purchasing institution, in both digital and / or printed form (including photocopying).

Support learning both inside and outside of the classroom – Can be uploaded to a private school / college network or VLE – Ideal for independent learning as well as to develop, clarify, consolidate and test student’s knowledge and understanding of topics covered in class. 

Price: Theme 1 Companion £70 (+vat), Theme 2 Companion £70 (+vat), Theme 1 and 2 combined: £119 (+vat)

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Digital Topic & End of Theme Test Papers: 

These 2 sets of tests (one for Theme 1 and one for Theme 2) allow you to start testing and developing students’ knowledge and exam skills, either as homework, or in more formal exam conditions, at regular intervals.  The questions have been written in the style of the sample assessment material produced by Edexcel for ‘Section A’ of the Paper 1 and Paper 2 Examination.  

In detail each set of tests (for each theme) contains: 

  • 98‘Section A’ style Exam questions testing core knowledge and understanding of the theme
  • 1 and 2-mark ‘multiple choice’, 3-mark ‘explain’ and 6-mark ‘discuss’ questions
  • Tests on each of the 5 topicsand sub-topics relating to the theme
  • 42A4 photocopiable / printable sheets
  • 7 sets(6 pages) of 30-35 minute tests, with each test containing 14 questions worth 35 marks
  • 1 teston each of the 5 Topic areas – testing students at regular intervals throughout their first year
  • 2 ‘End of Theme’ testson any aspect of the theme – ideal for use as ‘End of Year’ test papers
  • highly comprehensive rangeof possible responses / answers.
  • Question papers could also be used as worksheets– with students researching topics / sub-topics independently to find answers to the questions posed.
  • Answers section could also be used to support the teaching of each topic– due to the highly comprehensive range of responses provided. 

Price: Theme 1 TETTS: £49; Theme 2 TETTS: £54

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Digital Multiple Choice Questions:

100 MCQs for Theme 1 and 100 MCQs for Theme 2 with supporting explanations to test and consolidate students’ core knowledge and understanding of the subject content required to be covered, AFTER they have completed their study of the Theme. Supplied as printable test papers AND / OR Interactive PowerPoint questions  

Each MCQ resource (for Theme 1 or Theme 2) comprises:  

10 sets of 10 multiple choice questions. Each set of questions tests knowledge and understanding of any aspect of the Theme.

1 and 2-mark questions (in line with Edexcel’s sample assessment material).

Questions on every topic and sub-topic listed in the specification (published in 2016, for first teaching from 2017).

Supporting explanations for every question posed.  These help to consolidate student’s knowledge and understanding. 


Theme 1: 100 MCQs on Investigating Small Business: Printable Tests AND Interactive PowerPoints £70; Printable Tests only £30; Interactive PowerPoints only £40

Theme 2: 100 MCQs on Building a Business: Printable Tests AND Interactive PowerPoints £70; Printable Tests only £30;

Click HERE to our full range of resources for Edexcel GCSE Business (9-1) and HERE for free resources

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