PART 2 and PART 3 of our Companion for the 2021 Edexcel A Level Business Paper 3 Context on the fast food / take-away and restaurant industry has now been published and was emailed on Friday 29th January, to all centres that have ordered the resource.

Click HERE for full details of the resource.

The target publication for the final two parts of our Complete Context Companion is mid-February.  These will be automatically emailed when published and include:

  • PART 4 (a and b): EXAM PRACTICE WORKSHEETS with stimulus material relating to different businesses relevant to the context, and a wide range of questions, with space for students to write down their answers, and comprehensive answers to the questions posed. The questions will largely consist of 8, 10, 12 and 20 mark questions and will cover a wide range of specification topics across all four themes.
  • PART 5 (a and b): A FULL PRACTICE (MOCK) EXAM PAPER– written in the same style and format as previous examinations set by Edexcel for the A Level Business Paper 3 exam, with space for students to write down their answers, and detailed mark scheme / answers to the questions posed.