A two dimensional matrix – originally developed by Robert R Blake and Jane Mouton in the 1940’s, that identifies five different leadership styles based on concern for production (X axis) and concern for people (Y axis), with each axis ranging from 1 (low) to 9 (high). Various management styles are identified: (1) Impoverished (1, 1) – low concern for both production and people; (2) Country club (1, 9) – low concern for production and high concern for people; (3) Middle of the road (5, 5) – a compromise between concern for production and concern for people; (4) Produce or perish (9, 1) – high concern for production, low concern for people. This is associated with McGregor’s Theory X. (See McGregor’s Theory X and Y); (5) Team (9, 9) – high concern for both people and production. This is associated with McGregor’s Theory Y. Team leadership is regarded as the ideal but it is should be appreciated that there is no one best style suitable for all occasions. The most effective leaders will adapt their leadership style to suit the situation.