The British standard on quality management systems. See British Standards Institute, quality standards, quality management systems. This does not refer to the quality of a single product, rather to the quality of an entire business. In short, it is a quality assurance certificate, in that it tells all stakeholders that the business operates with high standards. Such high standards apply not just to the product, but the way the firm satisfies its, customers treats its employees, pays its suppliers on time, and so on. It is therefore as much about the process as the product. In order to become accredited with BS 5750, the business needs close links with the BSI, who inspect the business initially for evidence that business practice meets the standards required, and then sets out a series of issues for the business to resolve in order for it to receive accreditation. It is also quite a significant financial investment to make, should the firm wish to achieve accreditation. However, once it has been awarded BS 5750, the investment may well be paid back through greater sales revenue and possibly lower costs.