The combination of skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, machines and computers used in the process of transferring information between people. Early technologies used in the transfer of information included the telegraph, telephone, radio and television. Since the development of the microprocessor, rapid advances have been made since the 1950’s that have enabled the sending and receiving of text, speech, numerical information, pictures and diagrams at great speed (almost instantly), within and between businesses and / or countries, to several people (managers, employees, customers, suppliers and / or shareholders, etc) at the same time. This has become known as the information technology revolution. The main information technologies used by businesses today to communicate information, are: Telephone and intercom, Mobile phone, Smartphone; Bleeper, Radio pager; Telex, Fax; Prestel / Viewdata / Teletext; Computer, Laptop computer, Notebook or Netbook, Tablet computer; Electronic mail; Internet, Intranet (including the use of social networking websites and online chats); Audio conferencing, Teleconferencing, Video conferencing, Web conferencing.