Day-to-day costs incurred by a business in the making and selling of its products / service(s). As with start-up costs, day-to-day costs will vary according to the nature of the products / services a business provides, but might include: raw materials, including any materials used in packaging; wages and salaries and employer’s national insurance contributions; rent / leasing or hire purchase payments on any buildings, machinery, equipment or vehicles rented, or leased, as opposed to purchasing outright; government taxes – VAT on sales, business rates – a charge on non-domestic premises to help fund local services provided by local authorities eg refuse collection, police; water rates; heating and lighting; telephone; advertising and promotion – once the business is established; printing, postage and stationery; petrol; repairs and maintenance; legal and professional fees including Insurance eg employer’s liability, office, professional indemnity; bank charges and interest on any loans taken out.