In a business sense is what is left over from the resources used in a process, or any activity that adds to costs but not to value. Some businesses produce more waste than others as a necessary part of providing a good or service, for example, the peel from potatoes removed by a chef, or the extra material left after cutting out patterns for clothes. Certain businesses can make money from selling waste products, eg brewing beer produces yeast which can be used in making Marmite. Also the recycling of plastic packaging has now become a major international business and the plastic can be remoulded into a variety of products – even back to packaging. Wastage may, however, also be caused unnecessarily from poor quality work or neglect of company standards eg poor rotation of food resulting in products passing their sell-by date. Such wastage is costly and can be avoided, and the most efficient businesses are those that instil in staff the need to devote time to minimising wastage that is under their control or influence.