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30 Multiple Choice Questions with Supporting Explanations for AQA A-level Economics – Printable Tests

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This is the 1st Set of 30 of 540 Printable Multiple Choice Questions for AQA A-Level Economics on Section 4.1.1 Economic Methodology and the Economic Problem (Full set of 540 can be purchased from www.apt-initiatives.com

This resource is one of 18 sets of 30 multiple choice questions to test students’ knowledge and understanding of the subject content required to be covered for AQA A-level Economics ie on Individuals, Firms, Markets and Market Failure and The National and International Economy. There is also an Interactive version available – for use on a computer for students to complete in their own time, or during class as a group exercise.

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The full set of 540 questions contains a set of 30 questions on each of the 14 subject content areas listed in the AQA A-level Economics specification (published for teaching from September 2015), ie 30 multiple choice questions on each of the following numbered sections:

4.1 Individuals, firms, markets and market failure:
4.1.1 Economic methodology and the economic problem
4.1.2 Individual economic decision making
4.1.3 Price determination in a competitive market
4.1.4 Production, costs and revenue
4.1.5 Perfect competition, imperfectly competitive markets and monopoly
4.1.6 The labour market
4.1.7 The distribution of income and wealth: poverty and inequality
4.1.8 The market mechanism, market failure and government intervention in markets

4.2 The national and international economy:
4.2.1 The measurement of macroeconomic performance
4.2.2 How the macroeconomy works : the circular flow of income, AD/AS analysis, and related
4.2.3 Economic performance
4.2.4 Financial markets and monetary policy
4.2.5 Fiscal policy and supply-side policies
4.2.6 The international economy

The full set of 540 questions also contains:

2 ‘end of section’ tests, ie a set of 30 questions testing aspects relating to Individuals, Firms, Markets and Market Failure and a set of 30 questions testing aspects relating to The National and International Economy.

2 final tests of 30 questions on any aspect of the AQA A-level Economics specification. These could form part of a mock examination for A-level Paper 3: Economic Principles and Issues. These ‘final test’ papers reflect the specimen assessment material produced by AQA for this paper (at the time of writing), with the majority of the multiple choice questions assessing students’ knowledge and understanding, but a significant proportion of questions also testing their ability to apply their knowledge and understanding to various economic contexts to show how economic agents are affected by and respond to economic issues.

The resource, therefore, enables students to be tested at the end of each subject content area covered in class, as well as at the very end of their study of AQA A-level Economics.

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30 MCQs for AQA A-level Economics - Printable
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