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4 Practice (Mock) Exam Papers for Edexcel A Level Economics (Spec A) PAPER 1 Markets and Business Behaviour

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4 practice papers for Edexcel’s A Level Economics A Paper 1 examination, with detailed mark schemes / example model answers.

The papers:

  • enable students to be formally tested, upon completion of their study of Theme 1 (Introduction to Markets and Market Failure) AND Theme 3 (Business Behaviour and the Labour Market).
  • cover a wide range of topics relating to these two themes (published in the 2014 specification, for first teaching from 2015).
  • have been written by a senior examiner for multiple examination boards and experienced teacher of AS and A Level Economics.

Practice (Mock) Exam Papers are also available for Paper 2 and Paper 3.

Product Information

Structure, Style and Format:

The structure, style and format of each paper is based on the sample assessment material produced by Edexcel for A Level Economics A Paper 1 (published in 2014, for first teaching from 2015), which concerns Theme 1 and Theme 3.  Therefore, each 2 hour paper carries 100 marks and contains 3 sections:

  • Section A comprises multiple-choice and short-answer questions. Students answer all questions.
  • Section B comprises one data response question divided into parts. Students answer all questions.
  • Section C comprises a choice of extended open-response questions. Students select one from two.

The questions provide students with exam practice across Edexcel’s 4 assessment objectives, according to Edexcel’s requirements at A Level. Therefore, between 20 and 30% of the marks are allocated to each assessment objective within each paper ie knowledge and understanding (A01), application (A02), analysis (A03), and evaluation (A04).

The question papers include appropriate spacing for students to write down their answers.

For questions worth 10 or more marks, where ‘Level Descriptors’ are used to mark student’s answers, the answers:

  • are written in paragraphs, instead of a list of relevant points anticipated to be raised in the answer.
  • cite evaluation immediately after the other 3 assessment objectives, instead of separately. This makes it easy to follow answers through to their completion and mark students’ work.
  • contain a range of comments which attract a mark.
  • include annotations that show where individual assessment objectives have been met: ‘Kn’ is used for knowledge and understanding, ‘Ap’ for application, ‘An’ for analysis and ‘Ev’ for evaluation.

Download Sample Material

1st of the 4 Practice (Mock) Examination for Edexcel A Level Economics A - Paper 1 Markets and Business Behaviour

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