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Interim Practice Paper for Edexcel AS/A Level Economics A, Theme 1 Intro to Markets & Market Failure

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This resource contains the 1st paper of a set of 4 ‘Interim and End of Theme Papers’ concerning Theme 1: Introduction to Markets and Market Failure of the Edexcel AS and A Level Economics A Specification. The full set of 4 papers can be purchased from APT’s website: www.apt-initiatives.com

Product Information

The full set of 4 papers have been constructed to enable students to be formally tested at various key points throughout their study of the theme, as well as upon completion. Hence, there are 3 ‘interim’ papers and 1 ‘end of theme’ paper, as follows:

• Paper 1 – concerns Nature of Economics (1.1 of the specification subject content).
• Paper 2 – concerns How Markets Work (1.2 of the specification subject content) – not included
• Paper 3 – concerns Market Failure AND Government Intervention (1.3 and 1.4) – not included
• Paper 4 – concerns the entire theme – Markets and Market Failure (1.1 to 1.4) – not inculded**

The set of 4 question papers (3 ‘interim’ and 1 ‘end of theme’), with detailed mark schemes / example model answers enable students to be formally tested, at regular intervals, throughout their study of the theme, not just upon completion.

The ‘end of theme’ paper is ideal for a mock exam for AS Paper 1, or an end of first year exam for A Level.

The papers have been written by a senior examiner for multiple examination boards and experienced teacher of AS and A Level Economics.

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1st Interim Paper (of 4) for Edexcel AS AL Economics A, Theme 1

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