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Complete Context Companion for Edexcel A Level Business PAPER 3 June 2019 exam on THE MARKET FOR HOLIDAYS IN THE UK AND ABROAD – New Structure for 2019

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The Complete Context Companion for Edexcel’s June 2019 Paper 3 Exam (Investigating Business in a Competitive Environment) includes:

  • An Introductory PowerPoint Presentation – to launch the June 2019 Paper 3 exam and Edexcel’s Pre-release Material to students, including lessons learnt from previous examinations.
  • Revision & Research Leads – links to relevant research and identification of specification topics particularly relevant to the June 2019 context.
  • Information Sheets – key facts and figures and essential business theory relating to the context.
  • Worksheets with Stimulus Material and a Range of Exam-style Questions including Comprehensive Answers to the questions posed.
  • A Full Practice (Mock) Exam Paper, with Detailed Mark Scheme / Exemplar Answers.

Further detail on each of these resources is provided under Product Information below.

This Complete Context Companion is different to the previous 2 years – It has been devised / updated to take into account the following:

  • research (undertaken in 2019) from hundreds of Edexcel centres on what they would like to see included in our companion to support the Paper 3 exam.
  • up-to-date Examiner’s reports on student’s performance over the last 2 years in the Edexcel A Level Business Paper 3 exam.

Further information on the individual components is provided under ‘Product Information‘ below.

The author, Claire Baker, is an experienced teacher, examiner, author and the owner and Managing Director of APT.  She has taught Business from ages 11 to 19 and has been an Examiner, Principal Examiner and Reviser for Business and Business related courses for a leading awarding body.

Product Information


To launch the June 2019 Paper 3 exam:

  • PART 1: An Introductory PowerPoint Presentation – to introduce the requirements of the Edexcel A Level Business Paper 3 exam, including lessons learnt from previous examinations, and key aspects relating to the context that students were advised to research in Edexcel’s Pre-release Material for the June 2019 exam.

This PowerPoint (published on Monday 17 December) comprises the following sections:

  • OVERVIEW: provides an overview of what the Paper 3 Exam concerns / involves in general. (4 slides)
  • STRUCTURE: outlines the typical structure of the exam paper. (2 slides)
  • REQUIREMENTS: explains what students are required to demonstrate to achieve high grades, including lessons learnt from previous Paper 3 examinations. (13 slides)
  • PREPARATION: outlines what students should be doing to prepare for the exam, in terms of revision and research into this year’s context. (7 slides)
  • THE 2019 CONTEXT: details the 4 key areas students were advised to research in Edexcel’s pre-release (2019) brief (2 slides) and provides initial points for students to consider, research and make notes on in relation to these 4 areas. (12 slides)

It is estimated it will take around 45 to 60 minutes to present this information to students, or for students to read through and digest independently.

To develop sound knowledge and understanding of the June 2019 context – the market for holidays in the UK and abroad, and the UK-based businesses operating within it:

  1. PART 2: Revision and Research Leads Booklet: providing links to relevant research that can be accessed freely on the Internet, for students to independently undertake prior research into the June 2019 context, as well as identifying topics in the Edexcel A Level Specification that were considered particularly relevant to this context.
  2. PART 3: Information Sheets (65 pages) on each of the four bullet points students were advised to research in Edexcel’s June 2019 ‘Pre-release Material’: developing knowledge and understanding of the market for holidays (in the UK and abroad) and of UK-based businesses operating within it, with relevant theory relating to the Edexcel A Level Business Specification incorporated wherever relevant.

These resources (published on Thursday 24 January 2019) focus on providing students with a bank of relevant information they can draw upon in the exam to help write well-contextualised answers and  balanced arguments, both of which are crucial to secure high grades:

After studying each (bulleted) area students were advised to research in Edexcel’s June 2019 Pre-release Material:

  1. PART 4 (a and b): WORKSHEETScontaining STIMULUS MATERIAL (relating to 10 different businesses) and a range of EXAM-STYLE QUESTIONS (8, 10, 12 and 20 mark questions), including comprehensive answers to the questions posed.  Questions relate to the following specification topics: Theme 1: Market research, segmentation and positioning, Demand (seasonality), Supply (changes in costs, external shocks), PED, IED, Design mix, Branding and promotion (benefits, ways to build), Pricing strategies, Distribution (online), Marketing strategies (appropriate for different types of market – mass and niche; how businesses develop customer loyalty), Approaches to staffing (flexible workforce – part-time and temporary), Training, Motivation in theory and practice, Forms of business (partnership; stock market flotation), Business choices. Theme 2: External finance (Methods – leasing), Liability (implications of unlimited), Business failure, Quality management (for competitive advantage), Economic influences (effect of inflation, interest rates, business cycle), Legislation (effect of employee protection), The competitive environment.  Theme 3: Theories of corporate strategy (achieving competitive advantage through distinctive capabilities), Impact of external influences, Growth (objectives of growth; problems arising from growth), Takeovers (reasons for), Business ethics (CSR), Human resources.  Theme 4: Global competitiveness (through differentiation), The impact of MNCs (on the local economy), Ethics (stakeholder conflicts, environmental considerations).
  2. PART 5 (a and b): A FULL PRACTICE (MOCK) EXAM PAPER– based on the structure, style and format of recent examinations set by Edexcel (at the time of writing) for the A Level Business Paper 3 exam, with space for students to write down their answers, including mark schemes / detailed answers to the questions posed.  Questions relate to the following specification topics: Theme 1: The market (niche markets), Market research (market orientation), Pricing strategies, Business objectives, Business choices.  Theme 2: External finance (loans, share capital), Profit, Liquidity, Capacity utilisation, Economic influences (exchange rates – depreciation of the pound), The competitive environment.  Theme 3: Impact of external influences, Corporate culture (difficulties in changing), Shareholders versus stakeholders, Interpretation of financial statements (comprehensive income and financial position), Ratio analysis, Key factors in change (organisational culture, managing resistance to change. Theme 4: Growing economies (emerging economies), Reasons for joint ventures, Marketing (adaptation of the marketing mix), Cultural / social factors.

These resources (published on Wednesday 13 February 2019) help to build students’ confidence in answering questions relating to the context and, in particular, develop students’ understanding and appreciation of the type of answers required and the skills they need to demonstrate to secure high marks.  Although the stimulus material is based on this year’s Paper 3 context, these resources also provide highly useful revision and relevant exam practice for Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Key Information

This publication is for use ONLY by the purchasing individual or the staff and up to 60 students attending the purchasing institution, ie the individual school / college, on a single site, in any given year.  No part of this publication may be made available to any other individual or organisation, in any form, or by any means, without the written permission of APT Initiatives Ltd.  Any person who does any unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages.

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