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Practice (Mock) Paper for Edexcel A Level Business (Paper 3 format) – with questions on The Chocolate Confectionery Market (the 2018 Paper 3 Context)

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This resource consists of a practice paper (and detailed mark scheme / answers) which tests various aspects of the Edexcel A Level specification (see below) in relation to the 2018 context – on the Chocolate Confectionery Market, and the private businesses operating in this market in the UK and / or internationally.

It includes stimulus material on the following: The rising cost of raw materials; Employee pay and benefits; Rising health concerns over sugar intake; Opportunities to sell to emerging markets; Branding and CSR Initiatives; A takeover bid; Income Statement and Balance Sheet information.

It includes questions and detailed answers on the following: Ways in which manufacturers might respond to rising costs; The importance of financial methods of motivation; The consequences for manufacturers of rising health concerns (over sugar intake); Methods of selling to markets overseas – domestic / ethnocentric versus international / polycentric; The potential benefits of investment in CSR initiatives; The importance of branding; Reasons behind takeovers; Ratio analysis and methods of finance – bank loans versus share capital.

Product Information

The practice paper and mark scheme (level descriptors) are based on the structure, style and format of recent examinations set by Edexcel (at the time of writing) for the A Level Business Paper 3 exam.

The question paper includes space for students to write down their answers.

Answers are provided in paragraph form, rather than a list of relevant points anticipated to be raised in the answer.

Answers typically contain a range of examples of comments which can earn high marks in relation to the question set.

The author, Claire Baker, is an experienced teacher, examiner, author and the founder and Managing Director of APT.  She has taught Business from ages 11 to 19 and has been an Examiner, Principal Examiner and Reviser for Business and Business related courses for a leading awarding body.

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Practice Paper for Edexcel AL Business Paper 3 (June 2017 Context)

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