Where businesses sell to other businesses (as opposed to the general public ie private individuals or families ie business to consumer marketing). See business to consumer (B2C) market / marketing. In business to business markets both the supplier and the buyer of the product / service are business organisations. It is likely that the goods sold will be materials used in industry and capital equipment. However, businesses also sell services to each other. For example, most, if not all businesses require banking and insurance services. Such markets can be local, national and international, but are more likely to be physical then virtual. B2B markets operate in ways very different from B2C markets. For instance, in consumer markets the customer is often presented with goods at a fixed price, whereas selling to other firms usually involves negotiating on price. This is just one of the differences between the two types of market, and the result of the differences is that a firm selling to both markets has to develop a marketing mix which is different for the two markets.