The F585 Pre-released Stimulus Material concerns issues relating to Globalisation as well as the Zambian economy.
Below are some of the key things students should be considering to prepare themselves for this exam.

  • What is meant by globalisation.
  • Indicators of globalisation eg rise in global trade between countries, FDI, migration of workers.
  • Factors that have led to the growth in world trade.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of globalisation.
  • Reasons for imbalances in the balance of payments of different countries.
  • Why imbalances in China and the USA have not responded to changes in exchange rates, including other factors that might be at work.
  • What is meant by terms of trade and what a deterioration in terms of trade means.
  • How a deterioration in terms of trade has affected the Zambian economy.
  • How migration has increased international financial flows in the form of remittances and what this means.
  • The benefits and costs associated with dependence on remittances.
  • Reasons why Zambia has undergone a shift in the composition of its aggregate demand.
  • The potential benefits of private sector investment in Zambia.
  • Whether or not private sector investment is more important in terms of aggregate demand relative to consumption and public sector investment in Zambia.
  • What is meant by resource nationalisation and how this has deterred some FDI in Zambia.
  • The extent to which the continued economic growth in Zambia depends upon freeing up the market by means of supply side reforms. 

Our usual detailed F585 Companion will provide an in-depth commentary of each of the 5 extracts contained in the stimulus material, as well as a mock paper and detailed model answers.  Our Companion is due to be released this term and can be pre-ordered now.