A free set of PowerPoints which is an extract from our Complete Companion for the AQA BUSS4 Research Theme Technological Change E-commerce.  This resource relates to bullet 1 of the theme – The Impact of E-commerce on the Competitive Environment within Industries.
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You can also click HERE to see more details on the full set of 8 PowerPoint Presentations, which outline key points relating to each aspect of the research theme.  The full set can be purchased for £19+VAT. 
Also, available is our Complete Companion which contains 2 corresponding sets of 6 resources, for both students and teachers for all 6 bullet points. 
Look out for our further posts containing further free extracts from our Complete Companion for the AQA BUSS4 Technological Change E-commerce.  Next we will be sending Essential Research Tasks for students. 

Student grade went from C to A* using your material”  – Mo Bendall, Tutor

The Complete Companion Contains: 

  • 105 page ‘Detailed Examination’ of the theme for teachers – lengthy because it includes extracts from numerous articles and publications so there is no having to click on ‘this link here’ and ‘that link there’ to access relevant research.   It includes information on each aspect required to be covered in the AQA Research brief ie on the impact of e-commerce on the competitive environment within industries, on businesses and their functional areas, and on different stakeholder groups, the extent to which e-commerce creates opportunities and threats for business, the factors influencing ‘if’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ businesses respond to the growth in e-commerce, and the impact of e-commerce on business performance and on strategy, both nationally and internationally. 
  • A more concise 39 page ‘Essential Revision Summaries’ document for students – to have AFTER they have undertaken the research tasks recommended (below). 
  • A comprehensive set of ‘Research Tasks’ for students (21 pages) covering each aspect relating to the theme – with links embedded for students to instantly access relevant research and make their own initial notes. 
  • A set of 8 PowerPoints to introduce and / or summarise each aspect required to be covered by the theme, including tips on how to maximise performance in the exam. 
  • 57 pages of Revisions Exercises / Informal Tests for students – to undertake AFTER they have completed the research tasks recommended, with corresponding answers for teachers – full of match-making, true or false, missing word, mini quiz, read the article, give me a clue, sort the list and ‘opposite’ activities – to develop and consolidate students’ learning AND make learning fun and enjoyable at the same time. 
  • A set of 3 mock papers, with 6 questions covering each aspect relating to the theme – to test students in more formal examination conditions, with detailed answers and mark schemes for teachers. 
  • Plenty of other practical tips and advice for both teachers and students on how performance can be maximised in this particular examination. 

Feedback below from June 2015: 

“The theme materials you provided were excellent, and suited every level of teaching. I only wish that I had ordered earlier in the year; they were so comprehensive

Gareth Moran, Rye St Antony School 

This resource has taken three months’ full-time to produce and it really is packed full of goodies to help you and your students get the best grades possible.  Click HERE for full details or HERE to see a sample. 

Price: £85 + VAT for email or download (+ £2.50 for CD) for unlimited use at your school or college. 

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