APT’s Complete Companion for AQA BUSS4 Technological Change E-commerce

Click HERE for our Detailed Examination of the Theme (from the Teacher’s pack) which relates to bullet 1 – The Impact of E-commerce on the Competitive Environment within Industries.

The full comprehensive set of the Detailed Examination of the Theme,  for Teachers (relating to all 6 bullets) contains a highly detailed examination of each aspect relating to the theme.  It consists of  105 pages in length as it includes extracts from numerous articles and publications from relevant research, as well as containing relevant theory and analytical and evaluative comments where relevant. Click here to instantly download and purchase the full set  for £35+VAT. 
Also, available at a discounted price is our Complete Companion which contains 2 corresponding sets of 6 resources, for both students and teachers for all 6 bullet points.
Look out for our further posts containing more extracts from our Complete Companion for the AQA BUSS4 Technological Change E-commerce.  Next will be the Essential Student Revision Summaries next (from the Student’s pack).