Click HERE to the APT’s Mock Paper for OCR’s A2 Global Economy Module F585  – June 2016
The video is a Mock Paper which is a small extract from APT’s COMPANION for OCR’s A2 Global Economy Module F585 – June 2016.
Individual students can purchase a single user licence available at just £33.00 (+vat) OR if there are several students they can club together and buy the multi licence for £55.00 (+vat) – Click HERE for full details of the resource.

APT’s Companion for OCR’s F585 Global Economy exam continues to be one of our most popular resources, as more and more Economics teachers/students find this invaluable.
The F585 Pre-released Stimulus Material concerns issues relating to Globalisation as well as the Zambian economy. As usual our detailed F585 Companion provides an in-depth commentary of each of the 5 extracts contained in the stimulus material, as well as a mock paper and detailed model answers.
The Companion contains:
• A detailed commentary on each extract contained in the stimulus material, with commentaries on: Extract 1 Globalisation and world trade; Extract 2 Globalisation and balance of payments imbalances; Extract 3 Primary commodity dependence and the terms of trade; Extract 4 Migration and remittances; Extract 5 Structural issues in the Zambian economy.
• A comprehensive list of questions for students to work through to deepen their understanding of the economic concepts / issues raised.
• A mock examination paper.
• Mark schemes and Model answers to the questions posed in the mock examination paper.…/Companion_for_OCR_A_Level_…