Click HERE to 1 of 81 Worksheets / Quizzes included in APT’s Complete Teacher’s Companion / Student Revision Buddy for this year’s OCR GCSE Business Studies A293 Case Study on Bowton Mountain Festival.  These worksheets / quizzes test and reinforce knowledge and understanding. 

Excellent resource!  I have seen a few resources available, this is clearly the most comprehensive whilst also offering shorter activities and quizzes to reinforce knowledge.” 
Andrew Dickens, The Albany School.

These worksheets are just one part of our Complete Teacher’s Companion / Student Revision Buddy which contains: A step-by-step explanation of the key terms, concepts and issues raised (directly or indirectly) in the Case Study; A wide range of mini quizzes, (including answers); A mock examination paper, with detailed mark schemes and highly comprehensive range of responses; Ideas for further research; and Tips on how to maximise performance.