1 more of the 81 Worksheets / Quizzes included in APT’s Complete Teacher’s Companion / Student Revision Buddy for this year’s OCR GCSE Business Studies A293 Case Study on Bowton Mountain Festival.  These worksheets / quizzes test and reinforce knowledge and understanding.  The complimentary  crossword  below is on interest rates and exchange rates.
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Mini Quizzes

Crossword 5 (Further Questions on Section 2 of the Case Study)

     1   An increase in the value of the pound is called this. (12)
     5   The exchange rate between the pound and the euro has done this, and this may affect the Bowton Mountain Festival. (10)
     7   If interest rates rise it will be more expensive for BMF Ltd to take out one of these.  (4)
   10   When interest rates rise people have less of this type of income to spend on non-essential items. (13)
   12   If interest rates rise it will be more expensive for BMF Ltd to use this facility with its bank. (9)
   13   If the pound strengthened against the euro, then BMF Ltd could consider reducing these to EU customers in order to maintain demand, and thus ticket sales. (6)
   14   When interest rates rise consumers are more likely to do this than spend. (4)
     2   Interest rates are used by the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee to control this. (9)
     3   If the pound weakened against the euro, then the cost to attend Bowton Mountain Festival to people living in the Eurozone would be this. (7)
     4   If interest rates rise, then Spirit of Adventure could suffer a fall in this for its outdoor  pursuits gear. (6)
     6   If the pound strengthened against the euro, then BMF Ltd could consider investing more money in promoting The Festival amongst potential customers in this geographical region. (2)
     8   Higher interest rates could reduce demand, and thus sales of these for BMF Ltd. (7)
     9   This is the cost of borrowing and the reward for saving. (8)
   11   If interest rates rise it will cost more to do this. (6)

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