Get your copy of APT’s Teacher’s Companion / Student Revision Buddy Today for the OCR A293 Exam on Bowton Mountain Festival … 

Outstanding…becomes the sole resource in my class all the way to the exam day.”

Jillur Rahman, Woodbridge High School. 

Click here to access sample material we have put together to support teachers and students sitting this year’s OCR GCSE Business Case Study Exam on Bowton Mountain Festival.  This includes an extract of each of the 8 resources / sections included in APT’s Teacher’s Companion / Student Revision Buddy for this particular exam. 

In detail APT’s Teacher’s Companion / Student Revision Buddy contains: 

  • A step-by-step explanation of the key terms, concepts and issues raised (directly or indirectly) in the Case Study
  • Revision Focus Matrix – identifies the key areas mentioned in the case study in relation to the key topics referred to in the examination board specification, which should form the focus for revision.
  • A wide range of mini quizzes, (including answers) – to check and consolidate students’ understanding and to help make revision fun, including word searches, missing word exercises, classification and opposite activities, crosswords, and short question and answer exercises.
  • A mock examination paper – to enable students to be tested in more formal examination conditions.
  • Mark schemes and a highly comprehensive range of responses to each question posed in the mock examination paper.
  • A list of useful web addresses – providing access to information and videos on topics raised in the Case Study – for students to carry out further research independently.
  • Tips on how to maximise performance in the exam.

 Absolutely outstanding.  I call this my ‘Bible’.  Your resources are in a different league.  Worth every penny.

A fantastic tool that fully supports teaching and learning and student progression in great depth and detail. Greatly appreciated. Amazing!

Laura Pickford, Heworth Grange.

 Complete Student Revision Buddy – Price: £67 + vat for email or download (+ £2.50 for CD).

A Further Two additional mock papers have also been published and are available to order – Price: £19 + VAT for email or download (+ £2.50 for CD).
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