With 4 weeks to go before the OCR GCSE A293 Exam on Bowton Mountain Festival, there is still time for students to incorporate APT’s Two Additional Mock Exam Papers into their revision schedule.    These can be purchased by schools/colleges for immediate despatch for £25+vat for use with multiple students.
Alternatively, with the exams looming students can now purchase Two Additional Practice Exam Papers directly from APT’s website to support them with their revision for the OCR GCSE A293 Case Study Exam on Bowton Mountain Festival: 
Individual students can purchase the resource for their use only (ie a single user licence) at a discounted price of £15+vat ie £18 incl vat (instead of £25+vat ie £30 incl vat for use by multiple students). 
The resource contains:           

  • Two Mock Examination Papers, Mark Schemes and Detailed Answers.
  • The style and format of each paper is based on previous examinations set by OCR for the A293 Case Study Paper.
  • The question papers contain appropriate spacing for students to write their answers.
  • The mark schemes and answers provide a wide range of responses to the questions posed.
  • For questions marked using a ‘levels of response’ mark scheme, detailed example model answers are provided in paragraph form, and answers annotated to show where the levels have been met (ie Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3).