APT’s Complete CONTEXT Companion for Edexcel AL Business Paper 3 Exam 2018 – Chocolate Confectionery Market

APT’s Complete Context Companion for Edexcel A Level Business contains a fabulous set of 6 resources for – but not limited to – this year’s Paper 3 exam.  This set of 6 resources can be purchased individually, OR all at once for a discounted price.
3 Key Reasons to invest in APT’s resources:

  • A wide range of contextual examples, which are vital to secure high grades:  High level answers can only be obtained in the Paper 3 exam if answers are ‘supported throughout by relevant and effective use of the business behaviour / context’.  APT’s ‘Detailed Investigation into the Context’ (for teachers) and more condensed ‘Essential Revision Summaries’ (for students) are full of contextual examples that students can instantly draw upon when time is limited in the exam, to provide contextual answers to questions set.  This is vital to secure high grades. 
  • A bank of interesting and varied stimulus material that can be used in future years:  APT’s ‘Detailed Investigation into the Context’ (for teachers) is packed full of information, including extracts of articles that are not just relevant to this year’s Paper 3 exam, but can also be used to launch and discuss specification topics with students in future years to come.

Up-to-date Feedback specific to this year’s (2018) Complete Context Companion:

“Thank you so much for the amazing resources supporting Edexcel Paper 3 context they are a godsend”  H Bridge.


  • 6 PowerPoint Presentations (for teachers) £20 + VAT – to introduce the Paper 3 exam context to students, as well as sets of PowerPoints to introduce key aspects relating to the context that students are advised to research in Edexcel’s ‘Pre-release Material’ for this June’s (2018) exam.
  • Step by Step Research Tasks (for students) £15 + VAT (42 pages) with links to relevant articles and points to consider – to encourage students to undertake their own research, analysis and revision, in preparation for this year’s Paper 3 exam, in a structured manner.  This covers each of the  bullet points detailed in Edexcel’s ‘Pre-release Material’ for the 2018 Paper 3 exam.  Answers to questions posed in these research tasks can be found in the ‘Detailed Investigation into the Context for Teachers’, as well as the ‘Essential Revision Summaries for Students’ (see below).
  • 183 page Detailed investigation into the Context (for teachers) £45 + VAT – providing in-depth knowledge, evidence, analytical and evaluative comment where applicable, on each aspect advised to be researched in Edexcel’s ‘Pre-release Material’ for the 2018 Paper 3 exam. This includes extracts of relevant articles so there is no having to click on ‘this link here’ and ‘that link there’ to access relevant research.
  • 51 pages of Essential Revision Summaries (for students) £35 + VAT – containing crucial knowledge, evidence, and analytical and evaluative comments where applicable, on each aspect advised to be researched in Edexcel’s ‘Pre-release Material’ for the 2018 Paper 3 exam. This is a more condensed version of the ‘Detailed Investigation into the Context for Teachers’ (and includes answers to questions posed in the ‘Research Tasks for Students’).   
  • Mock Exam Paper (for students) and…
  • Mark Scheme and Detailed Answers (for teachers) £19 + VAT – a rigorous paper in the same style and format as the sample assessment material and the first exam set by Edexcel for the A Level Business Paper 3 exam In 2017, with space for students to write down their answers, and answers provided in paragraph form, rather than a list of relevant points anticipated to be raised in the answer.

Click HERE to view our SAMPLE material (via the website) for this June’s exam or click HERE to take you directly to the sample document.  The sample material relates to Bullet Point 2 of Edexcel’s Pre-release Material, ie ‘Influences on the Global Market for Chocolate Confectionery over the last 20 years’, and specifically relate to ‘Changing Costs and Prices’. 

Feedback received on last year’s (2017) Companion:

“I purchased the Essential Revision Summaries and Mock Paper – Excellent preparation for the exam.  On the strength of this I will also be ordering your materials for AQA Economics. Thanks – appreciate your excellent work D Gratton, June 2017

“The detailed investigation is brilliant. How much is it to upgrade to the full package?”  P Vicary, March 2017

Discounted Price for the Complete Companion: £85+VAT

Resources can be ordered and paid for online and instantly downloaded . CD version is an additional P&P charge of £2.50.  We can also email the resource and subsequently invoice your school/college.

All APT resources are licensed for staff and up to 60 students to use, in any given year, attending the purchasing institution, ie the individual school / college.

You can ORDER:  by email to office@apt-initiatives.com on line with a debit/credit card or by PayPal at www-apt-initiatives.com