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570 Multiple Choice Questions with Supporting Explanations for OCR A Level Economics – Printable Tests AND / OR Interactive PowerPoints

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This resource consists of 19 sets of 30 multiple choice questions with supporting explanations, which test and consolidate students’ knowledge and understanding of the subject content required to be covered for the OCR A Level Economics Specification (published in 2016, for first examination in 2017).  The questions are structured to enable students to be tested at regular intervals throughout the course, ie at the end of each topic, at the end of each component, and at the very end of the course.

The questions are supplied as:

  • Printable Test Papers – for teachers to issue to students as formal tests to complete in class, in a set time; AND / OR
  • Interactive PowerPoint Questions – for use on a computer (and private network / intranet) – for students to complete in their own time, or during class as a group exercise.

EXTRACTS from TEST 1 are currently showing on this webpage.

The OCR A Level Economics examination for Paper 3 includes 30 multiple choice questions.  This represents close to 40% (37.5%) of the total 80 marks available for this particular paper.  Practice multiple choice questions should, therefore, form part of every OCR A Level Economics student’s revision programme.

Product Information

Questions are included on every topic and sub-topic required to be covered by the OCR A Level Economics specification (published in 2016, for first examination in 2017).  Supporting explanations are also provided for each question – helping to consolidate students’ knowledge and understanding.

In detail the resource comprises the following tests:

16 sets of 30 ‘End of Topic’ Multiple Choice Tests:

The resource includes 16 sets of 30 questions with supporting explanations as follows:

Component 1: Microeconomics:

  1. Scarcity and choice (1 set of 30 questions)
  2. How competitive markets work (2 sets of 30 questions)
  3. Competition and market power (2 sets of 30 questions)
  4. Labour market (1 set of 30 questions)
  5. Market failure and government intervention (1 set of 30 questions)

Component 2: Macroeconomics:

  1. Economic policy objectives and indicators of macroeconomic performance (2 sets of 30 questions)
  2. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply (2 sets of 30 questions)
  3. The application of policy instruments (2 sets of 30 questions)
  4. The global context (2 sets of 30 questions)
  5. The financial sector (1 set of 30 questions)

2 ‘End of Component’ Multiple Choice Tests:

The resource also contains:

  • a set of 30 questions testing aspects relating to Component 1 on Microeconomics.
  • a set of 30 questions testing aspects relating to Component 2 on Macroeconomics.

1 ‘End of Specification’ Multiple Choice Test:

The resource also contains:

  • 1 final test of 30 questions on any aspect of the OCR A Level Economics specification (published in 2016, for first examination in 2017).  These could form part of a mock examination for A Level Paper 3: Themes in Economics.

NOTE: The 570 MCQ questions contained in this resource are different to the 4 sets of 30 (120) multiple choice questions contained in our 4 mock exam papers for OCR A Level Economics Paper 3.

Key Information

This publication is for use ONLY by the purchasing individual or the staff and up to 60 students attending the purchasing institution, ie the individual school / college, on a single site, in any given year.  No part of this publication may be made available to any other individual or organisation, in any form, or by any means, without the written permission of APT Initiatives Ltd.  Any person who does any unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages.

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